VA Golf 9/2 +2

Today was my 80th round of the year. It was only 58 degrees and light rain this morning at 7:00 am tee off. I was on the only golfer at the course when I teed off. I hit a great 8 iron on #1 that found the green, and then I made a 9′ putt for birdie. On #2 I hit a solid drive dead down the middle, that was 1 foot right of the stake. I hit an approach wedge that was right of the green but pin high. I chipped to 3′ and made the putt for par. On #3, I hit a good 8 iron but I was short of the green. I had about 10 feet of carry and 15′ of green, and my chip stopped on the fringe. I two putted from 16′ and took a bogey. I hit a bad drive on #4, followed by a bad 3 wood into the rough on the left. I hit a good 9 iron that was left of the green followed by a chip onto the green and 3′ past the hole. I made the 3′ putt for par. I hit driver on #5, but pushed it left into the rough. I hit a bad wedge that was 20 yard right of the green. I hit a decent chip that found the green, but missed a 15′ putt and took another bogey. I hit a great drive down the middle on #6, and then a pitching wedge on the green. I had 9′ putt for a birdie that I missed, but I made the par. I hit a decent 7 iron but no roll on #7, and then chipped onto the green. I missed the 15′ putt and took another bogey. I tried to play smart on #8 and hit a 5 iron down the middle, but put it in the right rough. I hit a 9 iron just short of the green, and then my chip did not hold to the green, since the pin was on the front hill on the green. I then two putted from 18′ for my 4th bogey. I hit a 6 iron just short of the green on #9, and then chipped in for birdie from 20′.

3 pars
2 birides
4 bogeys