VA Golf 6/24 +1

Today was my 56th round of the year. We had plenty of rain this week and the course was still pretty wet at 7:00 am tee of. I hit a decent short on #1, a little past pin high, but right of the green. My short chip hit the green and rolled all the way across. I putted from in between the bunker and green and came up short, but made a 4′ for bogey. I hit a good drive on #2 down the right side of the fairway. I was just under 100 out and hit my approach wedge, that made the green. I was 21′ from the hole and hit it square in the back of the cup, the ball jumped in the air and went in for a birdie. I hit a great shot on #3, that found the green, I had a 18′ putt for birdie, that had the distance, but was right of the hole. I tapped in for a par. I hit a great drive on #4 just left of center and then hit a 3 wood from 190. I did not hit it very well, but left myself in a good position, right of the green, taking the bunker out of play. I hit my approach wedge to 2′ and tapped in for a birdie. I hit a decent drive on #5, down the left side, I hit a solid lob wedge right over the pin, but long. I was still on the green but 39′ away. My birdie putt came up short by 4′ but I made the par putt. I hit a good drive on #6 down the middle and then a PW to the uphill green that left me 7′ for birdie. I left the putt short and tapped in for par. On #7, I hit a solid 7 iron that landed on the green and skipped over into the sand. I was able to get out, but left myself 20′ for par and missed it, but tapped in for bogey.  I hit a great drive down the middle on #8, and then hit my lob wedge to 7′. I missed the birdie putt by coming up short, and tapped in for par. I hit one less club on the 9th hole, hitting an 8 iron from 158. The ball hit the green and skipped over. I had a decent chip back to the green, but missed the 5′ putt for par and ended up +1

6 Legit birdie chances, and only made 2

2 birdies, 4 pars, and 3 bogeys