VA Golf 5/28 +3

Today was my 44th round of the year and my 4th day in a row. It had stormed over night and was sprinkling this morning and about 65 at tee off. I hit a good 9 iron that was at the center of the green and only about 1 foot on. I had a 30′ putt that went in for birdie, (as many as I leave short, this one benefited from my get it to the hole strategy and fell in from the left side as it ran out of gas). I hit a decent drive on #2 down the right side. I hit my approach wedge, as hard as I could and the distance was good, but it was right of the green. I had a bad chip that found the fringe. My putt from the fringe was 4′ short and then I missed the putt and took a double bogey. I hit a good 9 iron on #3, but it was right of the green. My pitch found the green, leaving me a 10′ putt for par that I missed left and took a bogey. My drive on #4 went into the trees and kicked left. I then hit a 3 wood that left me 130 yards from the green. I hit a strong 8 iron that hopped over the sand and ended up in the back fringe. I putted from the fringe for 32′ and almost made it and tapped in for par. I hit a horrible drive #5, and then a 7 iron left of the green. I had a bad chip and then two putted for bogey. On #6, I hit a good drive right down the middle and then full approach wedge to the same top of the green as the last two rounds (see attached) . I tapped the ball slightly to catch the hill and just missed the putt and tapped in for par. I hit a good 6 iron into the wind on #7 that landed on the front of the green. My putt from 22 feet missed; going 6″ right of the hole, and I tapped in for par. I hit a decent drive on #8, but it was in the right rough. I then hit an approach wedge, that was short of the green. I pitched with my pitching wedge, from 20 feet short of the green and it went it for a birdie. On #9, I hit a 6 iron that was long and left of the green. I chipped onto the green and had a 10″ putt for par but missed it and finished with a bogey.

2 birdies, 3 pars, 3 bogeys, 1 double bogey



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