VA Golf 4/30 +9, a day at the beach

Tough day on the links today. No where to go but up after the last couple rounds this week. This was my 33rd round this year and it was 75 at 7:00 AM tee off with a storm clouds in the air, but no rain predicted¬†until later in the day. I hit an 8 iron on #1, but it ended up in the sand. My first attempt to get out was unsuccessful, but my second one was. I then had an 18′ put for bogey and took a double. I hit a great drive on #2, leaving me about 80 yards to the green. My sand wedge came up short. I then putted from 45 feet and ran it 9′ past and then missed the par and took a bogey. On #3, I hit an 8 iron but was left of the green, I had a great chip that almost went in and tapped in for par. On #4, my drive caught the trees on the right but kicked back into the fairway. I hit a OK 3 wood, but was still 155 out. I hit what I that was a great 6 iron that was 1 foot short and ended up in the bunker, it took three to get out and then a triple bogey. I took my anger out on the driver on #5, and drove it into the bunker in front of the green. Again it took two to get out and ended up with a bogey. I hit the driver strong, but ended up in the right rough on #6 and then pushed a 9 iron left of the sloped green. I chipped on and then missed the 12′ putt and took another bogey. I hit a good 7 iron on #7 that made the green, and two putted for par. I hit a great drive on #8 ending up 20 yards short of the green. I chipped on the green and then two putted for another par. On #9, I hit a 7 iron that was short right, followed by a chip that left me 10′ for par, and I missed the putt.

3 times in the bunker, and three times it took more than 1 stroke to get out.

3 pars, 4 bogeys, 1 doubles, 1 triple.

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