VA Golf 4/1 +8

Today was my 19th round of the year, and it was in the mid 40’s at 7:00 tee off. Managed to get 4 pars and still end up +8 since I had 3 double bogeys, the most in a round in a long time. Hit a decent 8 iron the first hole that was short of the green, but I putted from the off the green and made a par. I pulled my drive on +2 in the right rough. I hit a bad iron that was short of the green and then bad chip to the side of the green, and two putt bogey. On #3, I hit a decent 3 wood that was left of the green, followed by putt from the off the green that left 9 feet for par, but missed the putt. I hit a horrible drive on #4, followed by a driver off the deck. that put me behind a small tree. I followed that with a 3 wood, leaving em 80 from the green. I hit a solid approach was short, and then chip and two putt for double bogey.  I hit a decent drive on #5 and hit  a sand wedge to 18 feet. I missed the birdie, but made the par. On six, I hit a good drive and an 9 iron that found the back of the green, and then two putted for par. The 7th hole, I hit a 6 iron, but it was fat, and was 20 yards short of the green, my chip was skulled and rolled over the green into the sand. I was able to get out of the sand, but ended up left of the green, and managed a double bogey. I hit a horrible shot on #8, and ended up having to punch a 4 iron to get back in play. I was only about 50 yards out and in the right fringe. I hit a good sand wedge, but flew the green, my chip back to the green, was just short and then I two putted for double. On #9, I hit a 6 iron, but I was left of the green, I then almost chip in for birdie, but settled for a tap in par.


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