VA Golf 3/4 +8

Today was my 11th round of the year, and it did not look like I would be able play. I got woken up for a network outage at 1:30 AM that we were able to resolve by 7:20. It was still cool at 8:00 AM only 34 degrees at tee off. I hit a decent shot on the first hole that end up in the bunker. My shot out of the bunker was horrendous. I ended up with a triple. I hut a good drive, leaving about 110 to the green, that came up short, I followed that be chunked lob wedge and another bad sand wedge, and another wedge and two putt, for a second triple. I hit a decent shot on 3 followed by a bad wedge and two putts, for a bogey. I hit a decent drive right down the middle, about 240, I followed that with a 3 wood that was short right. I then hit a lob wedge on the green. I missed the 20′ birdie, but I made the par. On #5, I hit a great drive, followed by a lob wedge that ended up 5′ from the hole. I made the birdie to move back to +6. On the 6th, I hit a decent drive, followed by a fat PW, and then I chipped to 8 feet and made the par putt. On 7, I pushed the shot short left, followed by a chip that was on the fringe, leaving 30′ for par. I made the putt and move on for +6. I hit a great drive right down the middle on #8, and then hit a long lob wedge that stayed on the right fringe. I was had a 30 foot putt for birdie, that I left 5′ short, and then missed that putt also and ended up with a bogey. On #9, I ended up pin high left, and hit a decent chip leaving 20′ for par and I missed the putt, and made the bogey.


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