VA Golf 3/25 +5

Nice sunny day, about 65 at tee off at 7:00 AM, this was 16th round of the year.  It was warm but breezy and I hit a 9 iron on #1 and I was short of the green. I then hit a chip that went by the hole and barely stayed on the green, leaving me 15′ for par. I two putted a for a bogey. On #2, I hit a decent tee shot, but I was in the left rough about 115 from the green. I hit a nine iron again and I ended up short. I then hit another bad  chip and two putted for another bogey. On #3, I topped my three wood, and was about 20 short right of the green. I hit another bad chip that went across the green and ended up 20 past. I had a decent chip and made the bogey for three in a row. On #4, I hammered my drive and was 200 out. I hit a three wood that 20′ short left of the green. I then duffed my chip, followed by a decent chip and another 2 putt for bogey. On #5, I hit a decent drive, and then came up short with my chip. I then three putted from off the green for another bogey, 5 in a row. I hit a good drive on #6 followed by a 9 iron on the green and a two putt par. On #7 we turned into the wind. I hit a 6 iron approx 2 extra clubs, that came up short. I then hit a bad chip and two putt for a bogey and +6. I hit another good drive on #8, and then left my chip short, followed by a great chip and a tap in par. On #9, I hit a 5 iron, fantastic shot that rolled left of the hole and 4′ past. I made the birdie to end up at +5.


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