VA Golf 3/17 +1

Today was my 26th round of the year and my first early morning round since daylight saving change. Teed off a few minutes before 7 am and it was in the high 50’s. There had been rain over night, so the ground was damp and there was a nice early morning ground fog. I hit a great 8 iron on #1 and it stayed on the green. I had a 15 putt for birdie that I left 2 feet short, I tapped in for par. On #2, I hit a nice drive right down the middle followed by a pitching wedge that was the right distance but just right of the green. I pitched onto the green and then made a 5′ putt for par. I hit a great 5 wood on #3, that was on the right collar of the green. I putted from off the green from 30′ and was 2 feet left of the hole. I tapped in for my third par. I hit a good drive down the middle on #4, followed by a topped 3 wood that only went about 90 yards. I then hit a 7 iron, that was short and ended up in the bunker. I attempted to putt out of the wet bunker, and barely made it out. I then putted from 30 feet and left it two feet short and made the bogey putt. I pushed my drive short left on #5 leaving about 70 yards. I hit a lob wedge onto the green and once again had a 30 foot putt. I missed the birdie, putting it two feet past and then made the putt for par. I hit good drive on #6 down the middle, and then pulled a pitching wedge right of the green on top. I had 45′ and decided to putt down onto the green, and it hit the pin on the way down and then I tapped in for par. On #7, I hit a drive down the middle and then slapped a 9 iron pin hit, 12′ to the left. I made the putt for birdie to pull back to even. On #8, I hit my best drive in a long time, leaving me about 20 yards from the green. I chipped onto the green leaving a 12′ putt for birdie. I hit a good putt but missed it left and tapped into par. On #9, I hit a 5 iron but I hit it fat, missing the green by 30 yards. I broke may wrist on the chip (my big miss) and ended up on the fringe. I putted from 36′ from off the green and almost made the putt and tapped in for bogey.

1 birdie
6 pars
2 bogeys