VA Golf 2/11 +7

My eight round of the year. A warm and windy, uninspired round. Bad approach on the 1st hole, followed by a bad chip and a two putt for bogey. I hit a great drive on the #2 right down the middle.  I hit a bad chip, that was 20 yards  short of the green, I then chipped on and two putted for bogey. I hit a horrible 5 wood, that only went about 70 yards on #3. I then hit a great wedge, another wedge and two putt for a double. My drive hit a tree on the left on 4, I followed that with a great 3 wood that was 60 from the green. I hit a great lob wedge and two putted for par. I hit a decent drive on #5, but I was on the left. I hit my approach short to within 5′ and then missed the birdie, but made the par. On #6 my drive was down the left again, followed by an approach that was short right, I had a decent chip, and then two putted for bogey. On #7, I hit an approach, that was short left, followed by a decent chip. I then made a 13 foot putt for par. I hit a 3 wood on #8, that was great, I then skulled an approach wedge over the green. I then chipped and two putted for bogey. I hit a 5 iron dead into the wind on #9 that was left of the green. I hit a decent chip and 2 putted for a bogey.

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