VA Golf 2/17 +2

Today was my 16th round of the year. Even though we were in the 70’s earlier this week, it was in the low 40’s with light rain and expected to rain all day. It was going to be tough to get the round in and there was only two of us there when the course opened and we were the only two when we finished. I have a large umbrella that attaches to my golf cart, so I am able to stay dry while walking. I hit an 8 iron on #1 and hit is surprisingly well, it was pin high but about 10 yards right of the green. I chipped onto the green and sunk an 8 foot putt for par. On #2, I hit a decent drive down the right side. I hit a 9 iron about as well as I could, but I was short of the green (blaming the conditions). I chipped onto the green but was 15 feet away, and then I made the putt for another par. I hit a 3 wood on the 191 yard par 3, and I was pin high but right of the green again. I chipped onto the green, but I missed the par putt. I hit a decent drive on #4, but did not get much distance because of the rain and the wet grass. I hit a 3 wood straight but not high, and ended up 110 from the green. I hit an extra club and 8 iron on the green that ended up 2′ over the green. I two putted from off the green, for another par. I hit a decent drive on #5, and was 50 yards out. I hit my 60 degree lob wedge to 2′ and tapped in for birdie. I hit a decent drive on #6, and had to take a drop from casual water. I then pulled my 9 iron right of the green. I then chipped and got stuck above the green. I putted for par from off the green, but it rolled 8 feet past and I missed the putt coming back and I ended up with a double bogey. I hit a decent shot on #7, and then chipped just short of the green, and two putted for par. I hit a drive on #8 that went left into the trees. I then punched a 7 iron onto the green and 15′ from the pin. In the rain, I then drained the putt for my second birdie and to go back to +1. I hit a 5 iron in the pouring rain on #9, that came up 20 yards short. I hit a decent chip that was 12′ short and then missed the putt and ended up with a bogey and +2 total.

2 birides
4 pars
2 bogeys
1 double bogey