VA Golf 11/5 +2

Today was my 110th round of the year. Coupled with the daylight savings change and the course time change, was really showing up for a 9 am tee off. I arrived 15 minutes early and there was at least 15 cars waiting for the gate to open. Somehow still managed to be the first to tee off, Pete paid and I headed to the tee box. I hit a 9 iron, that almost went in the hole, tough to tell the distance from the tee box (plays 140 ish), it was a 1′ past the hole and I taped in for birdie. I was pumped as I headed to #2 and drilled one down the middle, leaving about 70 from the green. Still guarding against the shank, I attempt to pitch in the green, and went right under it, and it traveled about 10 yard, same on the third shot and fourth shot, when I finally hit my putter in disgust from 40 yards, onto the green. I missed the 12′ putt for double and tapped in for triple. I hit a decent 5 wood on #3, but I was short, my chip was good, leaving a 3′ putt for par that I made. I hit a good drive to just inside of 200 on #3, and then hit a 3 wood left of the green. I chipped on, to 4′ and made the birdie, my second of the day. I hit decent drive on #5, but was in the rough on the left. My chip came up short, and then followed by other. I putted from the off the green, and then tapped in for bogey. I hit a good drive on #6 and then an approach wedge right of the green, on the hill above it. I elected to putt and almost holed it and tapped in for par. On #7, I hit a decent drive about 30 shot of the green. I slapped a 9 iron to 4′ and made my third birdie of the day. I hit my driver down the middle on #8, and then attempted to slap an pitching wedge onto the green, I was short right. I putted from the off the green, coming up 1 foot short and tapped in for par. I hit a 5 iron into the wind on #9, and then chipped onto and then off the green. I putted through a leaf filled green, and was 1 foot short and tapped in for bogey

1 triple bogey
2 bogeys
3 pars
3 birides