VA Golf 11/4 +6

Today was my 109th round of the year and the first round since the course switched to an 8 am opening. It was warm, in the mid 60’s mild breeze and there was a light fog. I hit a decent shot on #1, but I was about 10 yards short of the green. I hit a bad chip, short of the green, and then I three putted from the collar, to start with a double. I hit a decent drive on #2, and was in the middle of the fairway, and hit a dead shank into the trees on the left. I took a drop from the tree area, and chipped onto the green, and then two putted for another double. #3 is now playing from the top of the hill and is 190 yards, I hit a solid 5 wood, that was just long and right of the green. I attempted to putt from off the green to the uphill green, and left it 12′ short. I then two putted for a bogey. I hit a horrible drive on #4, less than 100 yards. I then hit driver off the deck to inside of 200. I hit a solid three wood that was just right of the green. I was able to get up and down for a par. I hit a bad drive on #5, into the rough about 60 yards from the green. I was guarding against the shank, and almost put it in the trap. I then chipped over the trap and it made the collar. I sunk a 19′ putt for par. On #6, I hit a good drive down the middle, and still guarding against the shank pushed it right of the green. I chipped onto the green below from my position above the green and almost hit the pin, but it rolled 12′ past. For the third hole in a row, I made the putt for par. On the newly positioned 7th that is playing 255 yards uphill, I hit my drive in the middle about 20 yards short, I chipped to the collar, and then two putted for par, my fourth in a row. I decided to hit a 3 wood on #8, and it was down the middle. Still guarding against the shank, I tried to slap a pitching wedge on the green, it hit the green but skipped over. I chipped on, running right past the stick, but 12′ past. I missed the putt and took a bogey. On #9, I hit a solid 6 iron just short of the green. I chipped on to 3′ away and made the par.

2 double bogeys
2 bogeys
5 pars