VA Golf 11/27 +8

Finished the 4 day weekend, 3 days of golf with another +8. This was not my normal early morning round, since it was only 20 degree this morning. I ended up teeing off after 1:30. I managed to bring my headphones, so I was able to listen to listen to the Titans game while playing. The coarse was just parched, there has been almost no rain for 7 weeks. Because of that and the fact the green are no longer growing, it making it a difficult course. I started off great, hit the green on 1, landing 5 feet from the pin and made the put for birdie. I hit a good drive on 2, hit a good shot from the fairway, which landed in front of the green and the rolled all the way over. Ended up with bogey. I hit a good shot on the 3rd but it was long, chipped over the green and then took 3 to finish, moving to +2. Managed a par on the 4th, including chipping out of the sand and sinking a putt. I then parred the 5th hole. That is where it took a turn for the worse. I then doubled, the 6th, doubled the 7th, bogeyed the 8th, and bogeyed the 9th for a +8.


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