VA Golf 11/26 +4

A decent round today, played alone, my 105th round of the year. I started out bogey, bogey after hitting bad tee shots on both holes. I managed a par on the 190 yard par 3, that was playing into the wind, hitting a 3 wood pin high just off the green on the right. Had a great drive and great approach to the par 5 4th hole leaving me right at 70 yards in two. I hit what I though was a great approach wedge, which missed clearing the bunker by 2 feet. I ended up with bogey. I managed to par the 5th after a terrible drive but a great chip. I did the same on the 6th hole with a bad drive, and a short approach shot, I then pitched to 2 feet. I bogeyed the 7th after a bad chip. I then managed to par number 8 after a drive down the middle and chip pin high but 18 feet left. On the 155 yard 9th, I missed the green left, but chipped to within 6 feet, and made the par.


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