New York City Day #3

We made the most of our last day in the city. Our first objective to visit the firehouse of my wife’s childhood friend who died on 9/11.


I personally had never been to times square, so we headed down there to look around.

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From there we decided to head over Rockefeller Center, but ended finding Fox studios on the way.

20161016_112306 20161016_112557

From there we made our way past NBC and the Plaza


Passed Radio City along the way


From there we stopped in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

20161016_113642 20161016_113607 20161016_113539 20161016_114129 20161016_114257 20161016_114821

From there we decided go to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum and glad we did. This picture is the outside of the mall.


Incredibly emotional exhibits in the memorial. With a lot of staff giving additional information. It was overwhelming.

20161016_131331 20161016_132131

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