New York City day #2

Started the day with walk at Riverside park, (click the link to learn more about this massive park – Stretching four miles from 72nd to 158th streets along the Hudson River) ,nice morning and lots of people.


Fallen firemen memorial off of Riverside Park – linked for further information

20161015_124523_001-1 20161015_124249-1 20161015_124243-1

We decided to walk past the famous Seinfeld Diner and grab some pictures

20161015_131750 20161015_131813-1

From there we walked through Columbia University Campus

20161015_132444 20161015_132437

Circling back we walked past and went inside the Cathedral – also linked

20161015_133214 20161015_133159-1 20161015_133149 20161015_133505 20161015_133420 20161015_133436

Right next to the Cathedral was this massive statue that looked like a pagan statue, but was  not.

20161015_133751 20161015_133826 20161015_134102 20161015_134024

More trips on the subway, glad my daughter knows where she going.


Spotted the Empire State building on the way to the UT bar


Bar was interesting and electric, too bad the Vols did not show up for the game


Walked through Madison Square Park on the way back

20161015_190338 20161015_192301

In the park we stopped at the original Shake Shack. We only had shakes even though they are famous for their burgers, but we were still full from bar food.



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