Indian Hills Golf 5/30 +14

This was my most solid round in long time. Never could figure out the greens though. 13 Legit birdie attempt and only made 2, plus 5 pars, meaning the other 6 were 3 putts. Still carded an 86.

Today was my 46th round of the year and I purchased a cheap round off of golf now for $14 plus fees. It was 85 at 12:10 tee off. I had arrived early and hit a small bucket of golf balls, and I was hitting the ball well, so confidence was high. I blasted my drive on #1 down the middle cresting the hill ended up up 85 yards out on the 384 yard hole. I was slightly downhill still and hit a solid approach wedge that was long, but stayed on the green. I had a 54′ putt for birdie that I left 6′ short and then missed the par putt, taking a bogey. On #2, I again blasted my drive down the middle, leaving me 125 out. I hit my pitching wedge that made the front of the green leaving 15′ for birdie. I missed the putt again and took a par. For a third time I blasted my drive down the middle, a total of 270 and then I hit a PW from 229 that came up 40 yards short of the green. I punched a 9 iron that ended up on the collar of the green 18′ for birdie. I missed the putt, putting it 4′ past and then missed that putt also, taking another bogey. I again striped the ball down the middle on #4, and I was on the top of the green with a good look. I hit a 9 iron, that almost went on the hole, missing by 2′ and I tapped in for birdie (see attached). On #5, which is a par 3, that was playing 195, I hit a solid 3 wood, that held the green but it was 35′ long. It took my three putts to finish and I took another bogey. I blasted my drive down the right hand side as hoped. I was 150 out and hit a fantastic 7 iron that hit the green and rolled right past the hole and stopped on the fringe. I had 12′ for birdie to the down hill hole and ended up three putting for another bogey. On #7, the hole was playing 148 with a forced water carry, and I put the ball in the water. I chipped from the drop zone and two putted for a double bogey. I hit a fantastic drive on #8,  the hole was playing over 500 and I was 188 to the hole. I hit a 5 iron the was right the green, but 15′ below it. My chipping skills failed me and I ended up with bogey again. I hit a decent drive on #9 leaving my 140 out with a forced carry over the sand. I landed on the green but 40′ away. Unbelievably I 3 putted again and took a bogey.

Front nine total – 7 legit birdie attempts

1 birdie, 1 par, 6 bogeys, 1 double = +7 = 43

I hit a great drive down the middle on #10, I was 220 out and I hit my 3 wood to just in front of the green. I was able to chip to 3′ away and made a birdie. I hit my first bad drive on #11, topping it and I was still 180 out on the 350 yard par 4. I hit my 5 wood across the water and pin high but right of the green and 5 feet below the green. My lack of chipping skills shined through again, where it took two to get on the green and then two putts for a double bogey. On #12, I hit a great 5 iron the hole, leaving my 88 yards from the pin with a water carry. The green is like 60 yard deep but the pin was on the front. I hit it short, and into the water. I dropped another in the water before making the green and two putting for quadruple bogey. #13, plays over 200 yards into an elevated green, and I hit my 3 wood, even with a green but right. I was able to chip on leaving a 15′ putt that I missed and took another bogey. On #14, I hit a strong drive but down the right side. I then hit a great 7 iron, that did not hold the green. I putted from off the green and left it 8′ short, and then missed the putt for another bogey. #15 is a long par 3 on the turtle back, I chunked a 6 iron the found the green. I was 78′ from the pin. I got the ball to the green, but I was left of the hole by 4′, and finally made the par. On #16, I laid up on the short par 4,  and I was 105 our to the elevated turtle back green. I was able to hit my pitching wedge to the green and about 15′ left. I two putted for another par. On #17, I hit a strong driver, followed by a great 3 wood, and I was 110 out on the 540 yard hole. I then hit a pitching wedge onto the green. I missed the birdie putt, but made the par. I hit a great drive up the left side of the fairway on 18, leaving my 160 out to the uphill green. I hit a 6 iron that ended up on the collar, in between the two front bunkers. I had a 30 foot putt for birdie and missed and made the par.

Back nine totals – 6 legit birdie attempts

1 birdie, 4 pars, 2 bogeys, 1 double bogey, 1 quadruple bogey = +7 = 43 = 86


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