Bosch season 3 – Amazon

I am always looking for my next streaming victim and I was happy to see Bosch Season 3 was released on Amazon. I really enjoyed Season 1 and Season 2 was ok, so I looked forward to see what they would do with Season 3. This is a LA detective show based on books by…

13 Reasons Why

Decided to watch this after hearing a lot about it from family and on the net. It was compelling TV and really makes you think. My daughter pointed out something early on, and I agree, could they not find “high school” actors that did not have tattoos all over them. Not sure how real life…

Better Call Saul

I was a huge Breaking Bad fan, and was busy when the prequel show started up two years ago. I had watched a few episodes sporadically, but never caught the bug for the show. I noticed that Season 3 was about to start, so I decided to stream the first two seasons and get caught…

Dead Pool – VIA HBO

I am not a super hero movie fan, but decided to give this a try, I had heard some good things about. As advertised, it was definitely not child friendly. It was action packed and it kept my attention. The only thing that really bothered me was his voice, and talk track really seemed like…

Sneaky Pete – Amazon

This was my latest binge watch, completed over “my” 3 day weekend. The concept was interesting, and I looked forward to its release after seeing buzz about it on Amazon. It was an ever changing story, and looks like they left plenty for Season 2.

The Ranch – Netflix

I recently completed watching the second season of this show and really enjoyed it. High school humor taken up a notch from the “70’s Show”. Good character development, and quick episodes, worth watching in my opinion.  

Freaks and Geeks – Netflix

I finally got around to watching this show, had heard it being mentioned several times, mainly on Howard Stern when some of the actors were on his show. The show was created in 1999 and portrayed a group in high school, in the 80-81 school year. I really enjoyed this show, still wondering why it…

Netflix OA

Decided to give this a show a try, made quick work of it and streamed it start to finish today. Still trying the process the story and what I thought of it, and if it is worthy of another season. Was not thrilled with the ending of the show.  


I am really hooked on the concept of direct to viewer productions. Amazon released The Man in the High Castle season 2 on Friday. I had watched season  1 as soon as it was released and it was a great show that really made you think. The premise is that Germany and Japan won world…

SICARIO – Hated It

I was looking for something to watch in between shows, and landed on this. Drug lord movie, or so I assumed. I never could get into the movie, I did watch it, I thought the story was weak and just did not interest me much.

Amazon’s Red Oaks

I was looking for my latest binge watching project and decided to watch Red Oaks. This was a decent program to watch, quick episodes, under 30 minutes each and is 2 seasons long. It had a good story lines revolving around a country club sent in the mid 80’s. It kept my interest start to…

Goliath – a giant show

I was looking for something new to watch and checked Amazon to see if they had any new programming. I decided to give a Goliath a try, even though I was never a big fan of Billy Bob Thornton. One episode and I was hooked, great show, 8 episodes, something that grabs you right from…

Quarry – Cinemax

Looked for something that I could watch start to finish this weekend and decided to give Quarry a try. It was an interesting show and I would recommend it. It was 8 episodes long.  It was based on a book and takes places in Memphis during the Vietnam war.    

Halt and Catch Fire

Wow, season 3 finale was tonight, and I loved it. This is a great show on so many levels. The character development is great, and to relive the start of the computer age is really well done. The show has been renewed for a 4th season. Another quality AMC produced show.