Quarry – Cinemax

Looked for something that I could watch start to finish this weekend and decided to give Quarry a try. It was an interesting show and I would recommend it. It was 8 episodes long.  It was based on a book and takes places in Memphis during the Vietnam war. http://www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/how-cinemaxs-quarry-pulled-off-the-years-best-directed-tv-sequence    

VA Golf 10/30 +5

The weather was perfect this morning for my 98th round of the year. I started slow, and got a double bogey on the 1 st hole, but birdied the 2nd. Then I rattled off 4 straight bogeys after missing several short putts. Missed birdie putts on 7 and 8, but ended up with 3 straight…

VA Golf 10/29 +2

Decent round this morning at the VA my 97th of the year. I ended  up walking solo in right at 1 hour. I hit the ball well all day, really only had one bad shot. I finished with 5 pars, 1 birdie and 3 bogeys.

VA Golf 10/23 +6

Returned to the VA golf course today after a two week layoff, the longest of the year. Struck the ball well, hit the green on the first hole. I had 5 birdie opportunities and managed to only get 3 pars. The memories of taking my father in-law golfing in Pensacola several years ago were pretty…

Long G’Island – a walk in the park

Another beautiful day, I ventured out and walked through 2 large parks that both 3 block away in an attempt to get some fall pictures.  I went to Marjorie Post Park first. There is a lot of water in the area, and the fall colors highlight the view     We walked through the park which…

Long G’Island visit

Took a trip to the beach today, unseasonable weather, close to 80 degrees. We headed down to Jones Beach which is only about a 25 minute ride from Massapequa. With the weather being so nice, it was no surprise that there was a large crowd at the beach although not too many people in the water….

New York City Day #3

We made the most of our last day in the city. Our first objective to visit the firehouse of my wife’s childhood friend who died on 9/11. I personally had never been to times square, so we headed down there to look around. From there we decided to head over Rockefeller Center, but ended finding Fox…

New York City day #2

Started the day with walk at Riverside park, (click the link to learn more about this massive park – Stretching four miles from 72nd to 158th streets along the Hudson River) ,nice morning and lots of people. Fallen firemen memorial off of Riverside Park – linked for further information We decided to walk past the…

New York Visit day 1

First stop with to visit a Trump property, mission accomplished. This is the inside of the mall that built at the World Trade Center. Really huge space. Neat how this lines up to the see the tower through the sky lights. This is from the freedom tower, perfect clear day, pretty incredible to see the…

Halt and Catch Fire

Wow, season 3 finale was tonight, and I loved it. This is a great show on so many levels. The character development is great, and to relive the start of the computer age is really well done. The show has been renewed for a 4th season. Another quality AMC produced show.  

VA Golf 10/9 +5

Fall was in the air this morning, about 45 degrees at tee off. Decent round +5 total, 5 bogeys and 4 pars. Missed a couple short putts that could have been pars.

VA Golf 10/8 +3

Had a decent round today, my 94th of the year. A little course modification has taken place since last week. They moved the Par 3, 3rd hole to the top of the hill making it a 190 yard par 3, and moved the Par 5, 4th back to the top of the hill once again….